Parking Page

Parking is Available in Lots and Roads
Parking Lots
There are three parking lots at no cost that are available on the day of the event. We highly recommend using the Black Earth Elementary parking, and the other two as a last resort if parking on the side roads isn't your preference.
  1. Black Earth Elementary School Parking Lot: When coming in from route 14 and heading south on Center street, you will see a lot to your left just before you approach the North end of the school just after you cross the railroad tracks. We currently do not have any plans to have the North entrance open. You will need to walk around to Center street and head near the south end of the building where the entrance will be open.
  2. Black Earth Village/Library Municipal Parking: At the corner of Mills St. and Park St.
  3. Black Earth Community Park: The smaller baseball diamond just after the school when going east on Park St. There is small lot directly on the side of the road. This is quite a distance away from the school main entrance.
Parking on the Side of the Road
  1. Center St: There is plenty of opportunity to park on Center st., but just not on the side near the school. We need to keep clear of that area. Please be aware the start/finish is near the Spring St. and Center St. intersection on school side. You should try to avoid that area even on the side opposite the school. The best opportunity is North of that intersection or in the Elementary parking lot mentioned above if you want to leave with no worries of interefering or being halting by the event course marshals.
  2. Park St: The East side has the most space. It is just after you cross the West side of Park St. (not colinear). The West side also has side road parking.
  3. Spring St: We don't recommend parking here unless you are ready to head west and go up Mills St to leave (do not use Center St.). There is limited usable room on Spring St.
  4. Other streets: When space is sufficient to allow traffic to get by when cars are parked on the sides of the road, and you are remaining clear of residential driveways, may you park on the other roads. Use common sense.
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