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Helpful Information for Elite Runners
UPDATE for 2018: the new course is more challenging with the hill and a compenstaion factor will be released. Feb 21 2018: after careful consideration of the details of the new course, the difficulty facter is 1.0099 (for awards purposes...we give a little extra margin), and 1.0066 (for race day abstracted record purposes, which may more properly reflect the difficulty factor) compared with the classic course. This means 50:57 (50:47 abstracted record) is where prize money kicks in for males, and 61:20 (61:08 abstracted record) for females.

Black Earth 10 Features both Overall and Records Awards. The details for course records cash awards are provided here. We could have just offered $100 for the course records regardless of how fast you run, but that would not be as fun as getting more if your performance is closing closer and closer to USATF open road records. Think about bringing a friend or two with you to push the group to the record, and splitting the prize with them. There doesn't have to be just one winner out there!

Terms of the Course Records Cash Awards
  • Currently, only 10 mile course records are recorded and recognized. Sorry, the 2 mile is not eligible for course record awards.
  • All cash awards may be given by check on the day of the event, or by mail post marked within 2 weeks from the event.
  • Awards for the new course record will only be provided to the overall male or female winner of the event. If there is a tie, the award amount may be split between the competitors. For example: if more than one female participant breaks the course record, only the overall female winner will receive the cash award. Despite this, you can look at it this way: who says a couple of friends or traning partners can't share the course record award for pushing one another? Bring a friend, and be kind by sharing part of your award with them! This way it is a friendly battle.
  • Those receiving a course record award, will also receive the overall winner award, and age group award. In such a case, for that age group we will provide an honorable mention award of some type to the next person down in that age group.
  • WIAA, NCAA, and other organizations may consider a participant no longer eligible if they accept an award at this event. Additionally, just participatation in any road race event may disqualify a participants eligbility within those organizations. If you have questions, please contact us.
  • Those receiving a course record award, must be compliant per USADA and WADA rules. No awards will be given to those who are not following or have been found in violation to any ADA rule, and any violations after this event would be considered reason to return the entire award back to the event. The words presenting here are not meant to override anything provided in the registration waiver, but merely to provide some basic understanding. If you have questions, you should contact us.

Performance of the Course Records Cash Awards
  • This 2017 and prior course is USATF certified 10 mile (WI-11004-DM). The 2018 course will be certified and has a significant hill, so a compesating factor for awards will be considered.
  • The amount of prize money for the course record awards will be $100 on up to $800 dependent upon performance. So this means the total prize purse for this event is up to $1600 ($800 male, $800 female). The curve starts at $100 ($0 for anything below course record) until it hits 115% of the USATF road national open record, where from there, it grows linearly from $100 up to a maximum of $800, where it hits 100% of the USATF open record. See details below.
  • Based on the records before we enter the 2017 event, we see that the amount of prize money for breaking the female record is $100 (84.82% performance) minimum and for breaking the male record is $371.57 (91.61% performance) minimum. The male record is much harder to break (see details below)! So, if a male wants to see any prize money, they will need to run harder, but when they do they will get rewarded equally. Though, both records are fast, and at the time those records were run, the performances were not to win prize money for course records...it was either to come ahead of their competitor, or a workout, or maybe an overall winner prize! So, it is not to say they were running their fastest, but both of these times a quite respectable!
  • Notice to those looking to break course records: the course can be significantly windy sometimes. Please plan for this as it will slow you down, and ask us questions so we can provide you helpful information on how to plan ahead.
  • If you have reason to believe that you may come within 2 minutes fo the USATF 10 mile open road records listed here or will be qualifying for a championship event based on time, please contact us ASAP to assure that we sanction the event (if needed) and also minimize any disputes about ther course accuracy.
  • The USATF open records we use are for M/F events. We did not use the female only (races that segregate males and females from running together) records, since this race has both males and females running at the same time on the same course.

Course Records Cash Awards Mechanisms in Detail
To understand how the course record awards work, we first need to look at both the Black Earth 10 mile present course records and the USATF open national records.
Black Earth 10 mile course records
Female60:44*Linsey Smith2009
Male50:27*Tony Rodiez1978
10 mile USATF open national road records
Female51:31Deena Kastor2006
Male46:13Greg Meyer1983
source: www.usatf.org [as of Feb 20 2018]
*These records were set when the course was not certified, but was "reasonably" accurate.

Now, given the USATF open national records, we first determine 115% of those records
(this is the time where running faster increases beyond the $100-when the course record is exceeded).
Breakdown of Course Record Award Thresholds
Gender115% of USATF
[$100 threshold]
Course Record
[prize threshold]
Min threshold for prize money
(and amount at that threshold)
100% of USATF

What happens if a participant runs one more second faster than the present course records...female award: $100 | male award: $373.25 (as the records currently stand before the 2018 race)
Why are the amounts for the course record awards not the same for males and females running one second faster?...it just depends on how fast the time is relative to the respective USATF open national record for that gender. The course record awards are based on how hard it is to run that time. The faster you run below the course record, the larger the award. So, a female record at the same effort as the male would be 56:14 (91.61% performance), and therefore would receive the same amount as meeting the male record of 50:27 (91.61% performance).

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