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About the New 2018 Course for 2018 (It is happening)
2018 10 mi Course: The new course has some variety. The course is flat, that is until you get to about 4 or so miles where the hill peaks at mile 4.5 to 4.7. After that it is basically downhill and then flat. Every mile is marked. Water is available at approximately 4.25mi (assisted), 6.6mi (assisted), 8.5mi (self serve).

2018 2 mi Course: completely flat, having a great mixture of scenery, and on quieter roads.

See photos of the 10 mile course, then maps of the 2 mile and 10 mile routes, and then videos of the 10 mile course below.

Black Earth 10 Mile Course Calculator
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You will find your 2018 time is a little slower, but not mutch (1.006607 times slower). The hill just makes it more fun, but not anything to greatly fear!
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View The New Course for 2018 (It is happening)
2018 New Course: Photos posted March 9 2018
Course Photo 1
2018 New Course: Maps posted Feb 8 2018 (Now confirmed Feb 27)
10mi Course Map (Now Confirmed! The course will be USATF certified. The course is always subject to any last minute modifications as deemed necessary by regulatory entities)

2mi Course Map (not yet certified. The course will be USATF certified)

2018 New Course: Video captured on Sept 30 2017
The distance shown in the video is quite accurate, and with that said it can be seen that it will be necessary to add a little bit more distance in the begining (shown in the course map above) to get a full 10 miles and not cause any issues for runners.

Minor Warning: this video is medium file size (approx 150MB at 320p).

Major Warning: this video is warped in time by 1/4x to speed up your viewing pleasure. Obviously, do not drive around Black Earth at the rate of the video. Though, it can be fun to watch.

NOTE: Keep in mind the traffic at 10AM on Saturday will be much less than you see in the videos.

WIDE HIGH VIEW (eagle view):
NOTICE: an extra 0.2mi will be added to the course, which is not shown in the video!

NOTICE: an extra 0.2mi will be added to the course, which is not shown in the video!

Want to see information about the route used in 2017 and prior?
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