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Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic Run - *April 4 2020* (TBD see recent news) - A 10 mile run and 2 mile run/walk held in Black Earth, WI USA

Always held the first Saturday of April. Established in 1978. Restored in 2017. Just 20 miles west of Madison. Registration is Open
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Recent News
[March 22nd, 2020] News: Event cannot be held on the original April 4th date. The postponement date is being worked out.
[March 15th, 2020] News: Possible Event Date Change. The event may be held on a different day...
[February 9th, 2020] Registration... We had a mistake. Early registration extended to Feb 19th. Mail-in form now available. Register now by Feb 19th to get the lowest entry!
[January 25th, 2020] Registration now open for 2020. Mail-in form to be posted Jan 26. Register now by Feb 7th to get the lowest entry!
[April 14th, 2019] Results: 2019 results posted
[February 10th, 2019] News to come for the 2019 year on Feb 17. Get ready for April 6 2019.
[April 9th, 2018] Results: 2018 results posted
[March 9th, 2018] Course: Some course photos are being posted
[March 6th, 2018] Recognized cause: UNICEF USA added.
[February 27th, 2018] Recognized cause: Black Earth Children's Museum added.
[February 27th, 2018] We are going forward with the 2018 Courses.
[February 27th, 2018] Determine your time for the new 2018 Course or for a flat road 10k.
[February 21st, 2018] Recognized causes for the 2018 year are coming to realization. Starting a few days ago, you had the option to contribute to the Black Earth Public Library and South Central Library System Foundation.
[February 21st, 2018] Elites section updated. Course compensation factor added for difficulty of new course.
[February 8th, 2018] Registration details updated. Mail-in form posted. Register now by Feb 28th to get the lowest entry! Day of event registration has increased.
[February 8th, 2018] Info being updated to include what is new this year and carried over from last year. Also, see note about Mad City 100k as we will hand out awards so people interested can get over there immediately after the 10 mile.
[February 8th, 2018] Course maps posted showing the new 2mi course and updated 10 mi route as intended for 2018, but still in approval process.
[February 8th, 2018] Perks and Awards verified for 2018. They will be the same as last year, and register early to get 10% discount off one item at ShoeBox.
[December 31st, 2017] Registration now open (online). Mail-in to come later
[October 3rd, 2017] Featured news about the April 2017 Event. Award winners, and superstars.
[October 2nd, 2017] Possible New Course to consider: Another Video was posted today. Original course: updated and reformatted the video.
[October 1st, 2017] Possible New Course to consider: Video was posted today with more info to come later.
[September 29th, 2017] News: The breakdown from the Black Earth 10 Run efforts are in. The expenses exceeded what came in this year, but a total of $550 (plus additional support from our participants directly to the causes) was given away to the recognized causes.
[September 26th, 2017] As announced in May (fully confirmed in August), the 2018 event will be held Sat April 7th, 2018 at 10AM! 2018 event information to come...FYI: for those at the Lake Monona 5k/20k this year, we announced the date as tentative, but later in August it was confirmed.
[April 27th, 2017] Participants that were not able to get their medal on race day, should have received it in the mail today.
[April 23rd, 2017] Results: Official 2017 results are available, and certificates can be found...see results section. Thank you for waiting for an extended period of time.
The Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic Run is...
A very affordable and accurate 10 mile and 2 mile running/walking event held in the scenic area of Black Earth, WI (just 20 miles west of Madison).

A tortoise and hare event - for new runners with a goal of finishing, running/fitness enthusiasts, and top performance runners in the area allowing one to gauge themselves early in spring on a scenic course.

Special Announcements
EVENT POSTPONED: It is now confirmed the event will be postponed or canceled. See the News Section.

2019 results now posted.

2018 results now posted.

The new 2018 course is a mostly flat selection of roads with different view points and one rememberable HILL!

Welcome to Black Earth, WI - Just 20 Miles from Madison

Featured News...
Feb 27 2018
A special note about 2018 was released.
Feb 27 2018
Some recent updates:
1) We are going forward with the 2018 courses!
2) Register by Feb 28th to get the lowest entry fee
3) Tack on a contribution to the libraries when you register online
4) Find out what time you will run on the new 10 mile course or a flat road 10k
5) Elite information was updated to include 2018 course difficulty.
6) Black Earth Children's Museum is being recognized.
Feb 9 2018
Race Update
Some recent updates:
1) Student $5 discount new this year
2) the 2 mile course is new and also the 10 mile has an anticipated new course (anticipated course maps recently posted)
3) Do you think the entry fee is too low?, well, bring a friend or add a little to your registration fee when you register online
4) mail-in registration now available
5) Awards will be handed out soon after you finish the 10 mile so (if you are interested) you can get to Madison to see the Mad City 100k participants before they finish.
Dec 31 2017
Online Registration Now Open
Online registration opened today for the 2018 event. Mail-in will be available starting next weekend. Black Earth 10, is now run by Black Earth 10, LLC
Oct 3 2017
Event Superstars: CJ Jevens, Susan Skinner, Beverly Lampe, Josh Turner, and John Lowrey: Find out what these people did during the 2017 Event!
Sept 29 2017/Updated Oct 1,2 2017
Black Earth 10 - Possible New CourseSee the new possible course: 2018 may have a more exciting and better course (though the original is good, but we are thinking change!) that is still mostly flat (except for a couple fun hills), fast, and simple like the course in prior years! The course was scouted on Sept 30th, and no show stoppers were found yet, though we have to be conscious of safety. A video was posted on the night of Oct 1st, and another on Oct 2nd (low profile view). The old course video was updated and reformatted. There is still more to come regarding the new possible route.

Sept 29 2017
The breakdown from the Black Earth 10 Run efforts are in. The expenses exceeded what came in this year, but a total of $550 (plus additional support from our participants directly to the causes) was given away to the recognized causes.

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