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2017 Results
Unoffical Results are posted as of April 2nd 1:00PM CDT. When the results become offical we will post an update here and the finisher certificates will also then become available.

Typical Field
  • The 2 mile is the most casual event. Typical times range from 12 minutes on up to 40 minutes for walkers. On occasion we see one or two runners near 10 or 11 minutes.
  • The 10 mile is the premier event (both casual and fast runners in the area). This 2017 year we are anticipating a wider ranges of times. Typical times range from 55 min/58min to 2 hr +. On occasion we do see one or two finishers around 52 minutes. See Elites section for course records.

Previous Years Results
Not available at this time.
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