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How to Register for the Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic
Registration Time Frame
Early Registration
Entry fee is $10 if registered early. Entry forms must be post marked by March 18th. Register online by March 21st.
Be a hero/shero and register early! Guaranteed 10% discount token good at The Shoe Box to those who register early.

Late Registration
Entry fee is $12 for those that register after the early cutoff dates. There were thoughts of making the late entry fee much higher, but the result is in consideration for those that truly don't always know their schedule in advance.
April 1 - Some things to think about...
These other events and what they are supporting.
  • Parkinsons Half Marathon: if your number one thing on April 1 is thinking of Parkinson's, you'll want to take a look at this event in Cottage Grove, WI.
  • Tau Beta PI Mile: if your number one thing on April 1 is thinking of 3.14159 and guide dogs (OccuPaws organization), you'll want to take a look at this event in Madison, WI. Black Earth 10 is not aware they allow dogs on the course or certain areas (that aren't guide dogs at least). You will need to ask them about your pet.

Note: Neither of these events are affiliated with the Black Earth 10.
What happens to your Black Earth 10 entry fee
A significant portion of our costs will go into running the event this year and to keep things going for later years. Black Earth 10 offers a great course and perks. If there is a large enough turnout, we could end up contributing to some of the organizations that we are recognizing this year; however, we do not want to mislead people. Though, we would like to encourage people to contribute to these organizations.

Our entry fee is kept low this year, and this may end up allowing more people like yourself to make a contribution to one of these organizations! NEW: Have fun, make a contribution and be entered in our random drawing for a Black Earth honorable mention medal (one for females and one for males) for every $5 you contribute (so $10 would be two entries). There are two ways to make a contribution: 1) For added convenience, there is also a way to contribute to most of these organizations when you register online, and 2) also find out how you can make an independent contribution to these organizations whether or not you are participating in our event or want to contribute after registration closes. If electing option 2 anytime in March 2017 and you are registered for the Black Earth 10, you will need to inform us so we can add you to our drawing.
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