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Black Earth 10 Would Like to Recognize These Organizations
Are you aware that April is Parkinson's awareness month? Black Earth 10 and Parkinsons Half marathon (largely promoting the Wisconsin Chapter APDA) are held on this special month! For this reason, we would especially like to recognize the Wisconsin Chapter - American Parkinson Disease Association.

Also, the following other organizations have done great things for us and others. RPCVs of Madison Wisconsin holds an annual running event to support their cause. This year they contributed race funds to food funds for Open Doors for Refugees, another organization Black Earth 10 would like to recognize.

Our local public libraries are important to us. The Black Earth Public Library serves as a great resource to the small village of Black Earth; the South Central Library System networks with them to provide helpful resources. Additionally, we would like to recognize the Middleton Public Library, which is the meeting location of the Madison Area Running Series (which this race is part of...) awards ceremony on April 1st 3:30PM.

How to contribute: You can find information below how to contribute to these causes. We highly invite you to talk with these friendly organizations! Also, we do have the option to contribute to most of these organizations while you register online, making smaller payments to them a little easier by simply selecting your organization(s) and amount(s) and no extra info needed. We have kept our entry fee down and hope you can make a contributions to one or more of these organizations. If we raise enough from entry fees (have a high enough turnout), we could end up contributing to the organizations below!

NEW: Have fun, make a contribution and be entered in our random drawing for a Black Earth honorable mention medal (one for females and one for males) for every $5 you contribute (so $10 would be two entries). There are two ways to make a contribution: 1) For added convenience, there is also a way to contribute to most of these organizations when you register online, and 2) also by making a contribution (see info below) to these organizations whether or not you are participating in our event or want to contribute after registration closes. If electing option 2 anytime in March 2017 and you are registered for the Black Earth 10, you are also eligible for our drawing and will need to inform us so we can add you to our drawing.
Wisconsin Chapter - American Parkinson Disease Association
April is Parkinson's disease awareness month. In Wisconsin alone, there are 60,000 individuals living with Parkinson's disease. Every nine minutes, someone is newly diagnosed. Please donate to the APDA Wisconsin Chapter. Every day the APDA provides the support, education, and research that will help everyone impacted by Parkinson's disease live life to the fullest.


Simply go to WI Chapter APDA web site, and click donate.
Black Earth Public Library - A member of the South Central Library System
A note from Black Earth 10: The Black Earth Public Library has access to numerous resources. Do not underestimate how libraries have great ways of partnering to get access to resources for even the smallest of towns/villages. Libraries are important to our learning and well being. See how the South Central Library System assists many libraries in South Central Wisconsin.


You can contribute by going South Central Library System Foundation. If you are contributing online to a specific library, remember to indicate which library by putting it in the box labeled "Names(s) as you would like them to appear" after you click on the paypal donate link at the top of the page. So for Black Earth Library, you would put down Black Earth Public Library. You can also make a general contribution to South Central Library Foundation System which benefits all member libraries by not indicating a specific library.
Open Doors for Refugees
Open Doors for Refugees is a volunteer group of people who want to welcome refugees to Madison, ease their transition, and help them make a home here. We work with the two refugee resettlement organizations in Madison and like them, we serve refugees of all faiths and countries of origin.Over the next year, about 160 refugees from several different countries will come to Madison. Join us in helping them. We have teams forming to find housing, gather furniture and household items, set up apartments, provide transportation, translate, teach English, teach refugees about our culture, and help them find a job. We also host events throughout the year to raise awareness of the refugee crisis and fundraise for our refugee families. for more information, go to


We have 501(c)(3) status through our Fiscal Agent, the Center for Community Stewardship, of which we are a project. On-line, tax-deductible donations can be made to Open Doors through the Center for Community Stewardship website. As our Fiscal Agent, the Center retains 5% for administrative costs.

Visit and click on "Projects" then "Open Doors for Refugees" to make a tax-deductible donation.
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Madison Wisconsin
We are a group of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and other individuals who promote Peace Corps ideals by collaborating and volunteering with non-profit organizations aligned with our goals. See the current mission statement here.


You can join and get your first year free (as indicated on March 2017). Learn about the organization and be a contributor to the direction they are going. Members also get reduced rates on the International Calendar and "we all" poster sets.
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