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[April 27th, 2017]
Participants that were not able to get their medal on race day, should have received it in the mail today.
[April 23rd, 2017]
Results: Official results are available, and certificates can be found...see results section. Thank you for waiting for an extended period of time.
[April 2nd, 2017]
Results: Unofficial results are available. When results are official (estimated 04/08/2017), a notice will be posted and finisher certificates will be available. If you need a finisher certificate before then, please contact us.
[March 23rd, 2017]
News: Featured Article-It's All About Finishing...Welcome Back CJ Jevens!
[March 23rd, 2017]
Recognize: NEW: Black Earth 10 honorable mention medal drawing for participants that contribute $5 or more. Also, for those contributing $5 or more after March 21, email ahead of time to get a code for $2 dollars off your entry.
[March 23rd, 2017]
Parking: More Information on Parking.
[March 16th, 2017]
Recognize: See our special note about recognizing these great organizations. Support them by going to their page and/or when you register online and make an optional contribution.
[March 5th, 2017]
Info Section-Pets: Update on the pets and parks...and the result is :(
[February 28th, 2017]
Black Earth 10 (new) Logo now used to identify this event.
[February 28th, 2017]
Info Section: Packet pickup is day of event starting at 8:30AM. If early pickup becomes available, we will make an anouncement here and via email to existing 2017 registrants.
[February 19th, 2017]
Course: Course Map Posted. Videos to be reformatted in the future.
[February 19th, 2017]
Announcement: Black Earth 10 is raising awareness of some organizations. We would currently like to announce RPCVs of Madison and Open Doors for Refugees. More organizations and info about how you can make a difference with these organizations to come... Additionally, there will soon be an option to contribute to either of these organizations while registering.
[February 10th, 2017]
Perks: Finisher certificate for the 10 mile run.
[January 27th, 2017]
Info Section: Basic Safety and Pets Section started
[January 27th, 2017]
Awards Section: Error in the second place overall winner award corrected to be consistent with where else it is posted.
[January 27th, 2017]
Clarity of presentation. Info section is starting to fill out. Results section with description of field; past results to come later. The course records awards calculator is now available.
[January 26th, 2017]
The website is now up-to-par. People can now refer to this site to get recent and all information about the event.
[January 26th, 2017]
Elites section now has significant content. Course records award calculator will follow.
[January 26th, 2017]
Posted All information that is available in the mail-in and online registration site, and additionally items pertaining to awards, parking, and elite runners. More information will come in the days following.
[January 25th, 2017]
Theme update. Information will be posted in quantity tomorrow...
[January 19th, 2017]
Register online (and information about race at present): Black Earth 10 - Register Online
[January 18th, 2017]
Register by mail-in form: Black Earth 10 - Mail-in
[January 18th, 2017]
Web site is live for the first time
It's All About Finishing...Welcome Back CJ Jevens!

This year, CJ Jevens will be attending the 2 mile to get a more casual experience at this year's Black Earth 10 Quasi Classic Run! See the story and more pictures below.

CJ Jevens from New Lisbon, WI Finishing 10 miles
April 5th 2014 - CJ Jevens wrapping up the 2014 Black Earth 10 mile with his finish.

The story...
On April 5th 2014, CJ Jevens came from the small town of New Lisbon, WI to attend the Black Earth 10 mile Run. His goal that day in 2014 was to finish 10 miles exactly. Indeed he did, and interestingly, prior to that day his longest run was 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). That is a significant jump in distance (in percentage) for any running regimen, and it didn't stop there at the Black Earth 10 mile. The Black Earth 10 mile was aimed at preparing him for another jump in distance one week later: the Reedsburg half marathon (21.1km or 13.1 miles). The Reedsburg half marathon is known for its challenging course with hills, where he accomplished his ultimate goal of finishing.

Those familiar with CJ wouldn't say he has natural super powers, and they wouldn't say he is a featherweight like some of the fastest long distance runners. He is CJ, and full of "good-fullness", and shows us how others can be motivated (all of us: tortoise or hare) to accomplish something when you put your mind to it.

Notes: the Reedsburg Vet Fest half marathon is again, one week later on April 8th, 2017 in Reedsburg, WI. Tom Aten who certified the course in 2011 can be seen standing to the left. The other fellow near him has also helped many times (including timing) with the black earth event in the past. This 2017 year, the course is being timed by the Running Club @ UW-Madison.

CJ Jevens - Really Did It
Yes, really, you did run that time and finished.

CJ Jevens from New Lisbon - Calling All Friends
Is he saying: gotta call his friends and tell them?
CJ Jevens from New Lisbon - Feeling of Accomplishment
Feeling of accomplishment.

CJ Jevens from New Lisbon - Proof Right There
Proof right there!
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