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All news is provided here since the first opening of the Black Earth 10 Web site
[February 19th, 2017] Course: Course Map Posted. Videos to be reformatted in the future.
[February 19th, 2017] Announcement: Black Earth 10 is raising awareness of some organizations. We would currently like to announce RPCVs of Madison and Open Doors for Refugees. More organizations and info about how you can make a difference with these organizations to come... Additionally, there will soon be an option to contribute to either of these organizations while registering.
[February 10th, 2017] Perks: Finisher certificate for the 10 mile run.
[January 27th, 2017] Info Section: Basic Safety and Pets Section started
[January 27th, 2017] Awards Section: Error in the second place overall winner award corrected to be consistent with where else it is posted.
[January 27th, 2017] Clarity of presentation. Info section is starting to fill out. Results section with description of field; past results to come later. The course records awards calculator is now available.
[January 26th, 2017] The website is now up-to-par. People can now refer to this site to get recent and all information about the event.
[January 26th, 2017] Elites section now has significant content. Course records award calculator will follow.
[January 26th, 2017] Posted All information that is available in the mail-in and online registration site, and additionally items pertaining to awards, parking, and elite runners. More information will come in the days following.
[January 25th, 2017] Theme update. Information will be posted in quantity tomorrow...
[January 19th, 2017] Register online (and information about race at present): Black Earth 10 - Register Online
[January 18th, 2017] Register by mail-in form: Black Earth 10 - Mail-in
[January 18th, 2017] Web site is live for the first time
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