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Event Date
April 1 2017 at 10AM
Special Theme for this Year
This year's theme is the 10 for 10 challenge [$10* for 10 miles...$1/mile] which includes the same elements of the past, but with some added perks.
What is New this Year
Finsher certificate for those that complete the 10 mile, notable medals for age group winners, 10% discount at The Shoe Box guaranteed for those registered early, overall 1st and 2nd awards (increased, and provided by The Shoe Box), and course records awards. See awards section for details.

Also new this year: Recognize these great organizations, and have fun in our drawing for an honorable mention medal when you contribute $5 or more.
The 10 mile and 2 mile start simultaneously at 10:00AM at the same start line and are held on the same course.

Event Types Offered
  • 10 mile run
  • 2 mile run
  • 2 mile walk
Register early for $10 [post mark March 18th/online 21st], and $12 thereafter. Reduced entry available for kids & financially challenged. Inquire for details.
See the Registration section. We accept online, mail-in, and day of registration.
Black Earth Elementary School
1133 Center St
Black Earth, WI 53515
See the Course Page.
Packet Pickup
Packet pickup will be held the same time as day-of registration, which is 8:30AM to 9:45AM. If you register at least two days before the event, you should not have any trouble picking up your packet in a timely manner. Should the event foresee a need to additionally have early packet pickup available, participants will be notified via email.
This is a scenic flat-route with sparsely spaced houses and farms with long drive ways. You will very infrequently see a car or a spectator on the road...That is until you get near the finish line. So for those who are entirely focused on how they are running or tend to get distractred or don't care much for sideline distractions, this is your event.
Lining Up
There are no official segregated waves for this event. Participants should line up according to their pace. Details are still be worked out (and may change), but here is what is tentatively planned...The 2 mile and 10 mile will start at the same time. The 2 mile will line up on the left side and the 10 mile participants will line up on the right side when facing south. 2 mile: People that would normally run 13 minutes or faster shoud line up towards the front. 10 mile: People that would normally run 65 minutes or faster should line up towards the front. The mid pack would be around 80 to 100 minutes.
If you have a baby stroller, a kid that will be participating (or waiting for you at the finish), or a pet that will be with you (that can stay safely in your car, or needs assistance during the event), please contact us as early as possible before the race. We need to coordinate with you to assure safety and as a smooth of a day possible for yourself and the event.

Although traffic will be restricted in areas of race congestion, vehicles will still be allowed to pass through on the highway or center street when it is deemed as reasonably safe by course marshalls. With that in mind, you need to keep watch where you are running. Always stay to the far left side of the road, except in the following scenarios: only after you have looked 360 degrees around you and determined it is safe, may you 1) pass a group of people while extending to the right side lane or coming close to it; 2) consider following tangent lines and cones that are marking the course borders that go in the middle of the road (this may happen at the zig zag in the road. Course route details to be released Feb 15 to March 1).
April 1 - Some things to think about...
These other events and what they are supporting.
  • Parkinsons Half Marathon: if your number one thing on April 1 is thinking of Parkinson's, you'll want to take a look at this event in Cottage Grove, WI.
  • Tau Beta PI Mile: if your number one thing on April 1 is thinking of 3.14159 and guide dogs (OccuPaws organization), you'll want to take a look at this event in Madison, WI. Black Earth 10 is not aware they allow dogs on the course or certain areas (that aren't guide dogs at least). You will need to ask them about your pet.

Note: Neither of these events are affiliated with the Black Earth 10.
What happens to your Black Earth 10 entry fee
A significant portion of our costs will go into running the event this year and to keep things going for later years. Black Earth 10 offers a great course and perks. If there is a large enough turnout, we could end up contributing to some of the organizations that we are recognizing this year; however, we do not want to mislead people. Though, we would like to encourage people to contribute to these organizations.

Our entry fee is kept low this year, and this may end up allowing more people like yourself to make a contribution to one of these organizations! NEW: Have fun, make a contribution and be entered in our random drawing for a Black Earth honorable mention medal (one for females and one for males) for every $5 you contribute (so $10 would be two entries). There are two ways to make a contribution: 1) For added convenience, there is also a way to contribute to most of these organizations when you register online, and 2) also find out how you can make an independent contribution to these organizations whether or not you are participating in our event or want to contribute after registration closes. If electing option 2 anytime in March 2017 and you are registered for the Black Earth 10, you will need to inform us so we can add you to our drawing.
We are not advertising any way to have pets participate with you on the course. We're sorry, but its one thing we weren't able to fledge out this year, but I'm sure most pet owners wouldn't expect any random race would allow them. Unless you are feeling comfortable with the restrictions below, you are probably best off leaving your pet at home.

As of the begining of March, we started to investigate what might be allowed at the parks. We're sorry but it appears you are not allowed to bring your pets there for pit stops; additionally pets may not be allowed at all in the parks. Should you need to bring your pet somewhere for a pit stop, please contact us and be ready for an answer that is some distance away from the race gathering area. Planning ahead and talking with us is a good idea, but if something comes on race day, just check in with us.

In general: Coordinate with us ahead of time and realize rules will be strictly enforced. Basically, your pet must be able to safely (for both the pet and bystanders) and securely remain in the vehicle and not possibly attract any kind of attention of neighbors; OR you must make advanced reservation with us to hold your pet (this will be totally to our descretion and we may be resource limited for this and is only possible for the 2 mile event duration...). There is currently no place that we can allow someone to tie up their pet outside or exceptions.

Any unattended pets must remain in your vehicle as we have described; when outside your vehicle, they must be restricted by you at all times. Pets that may be considered noisy while in your vehicle alone, should either be left home, or you should coordinate with us to park somewhere where they can't be heard and will still be reasonably behaved. Pets are obviously not allowed in the school. Please keep at least 10 feet away from any school door. WARNING: If you think your pet may get an idea to make a pit stop somewhere near the school, move them immediately and/or don't take them near the school!

We've never had any issues with pets, and we've never advertised anything in relation to pets. Use common sense and be considerate to others in how you coordinate your pet.
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