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The route is very simple...
The course starts at Black Earth Elementary School and runs down Center street and then turns east on to highway KP, and then turn around and come back to where you started. The course is flat paved road with a scenic view of the valley and hills nearby between Black Earth and Cross Plains, occasional strong winds, simple one-turn one-zig-zag out-and-back, water at certain miles (TBD); accurate with every mile marked.

The course is open for 3 hours. This translates to an 18 minute mile. After 2.5 hours, the event will be taking things down, but leave important things such as the school and water available until the end of the 3rd hour

Thanks to Tom Aten, the course is a USATF certified 10 mile WI-11004-DM. Every mile is accurately marked. Water stop locations indicate the approximate position of the water stops.

Water Stops
As a result of weather typically not being hot, water is typically not in high demand. However, especially in the event that the weather is warm, we are providing water at approximately miles 3.25,5+,6.75,and 8.5. These are not all 100% assisted. If you have a special need for water (being assited where it isn't as such) or something like a sports drink at one of the stops, please contact us. See course maps below for more insight.

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Course Maps

Basic Course Map

Course Map with Details - Water Stops and Mile Marks

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Miles 0 to 5

Miles 5 through 10 (reverse of 0 to 5)
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