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The black earth 10 mile started over four decades ago, and has always been held in the begining of April (First Saturday) in Black Earth, WI [about 20 miles west of central Madison].

Since it's begining, the initiative has been to provide an offordable and accurate race to participants. The event was restored in 2017, after being canceled for one year in 2016. The 2017 year aimed to bring back everything the same (the course, the casualness of the start and finish, and other items) but with a few added perks. Last year the event still contributed $550 to charities (even though the event was at a net loss in 2017, and carried nothing from prior years) to get one of its new missions started.

The 2018 year continues on the 2017 theme, but with a new anticipated course and an overall stronger event. Look for more exciting things to come this year!

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